• Brief Phone Interview: Assess needs of your child. Also a time for you to interview me to find out if I may be a good therapeutic match for your child.
  • Meet the Parent/Guardian(s): I will meet you and/or child's guardian in a mutual meeting place at which time a more detailed intake/questionnaire will be completed. The child is asked not to attend this appointment. Fully completing an intake is important so I may best  help your child.  At this time, we will develop an appropriate treatment plan for your child, addressing any goals you would like to see them achieve.
  • Meet the Client: Their first individual appointment.  Please know, my client is your child.  I will exercise every right to keep their information confidential as well as what they may express in session.  Fear not, you and I will have phone conferences or meetings as well to keep abreast of their behaviors and/or suggestions for home and school.  If I feel some of your child's concerns are beyond my qualifications, I will do my best to make an appropriate referral to someone who will be able to better meet you and your child's needs.  

Everything shared is confidential, therefore, it is important to choose an appropriate meeting place with no outside interference during sessions.  

CONFIDENTIALITY is very important.  This means I will not share anything your child shares in session with me.  I will not share anything you say in session or over the phone.  I can neither confirm nor deny I know any client I have or may have had.  I am, however, a MANDATED REPORTER which means I am legally and ethically responsible for sharing any related information to the Department of Social Services or Department of Child and Family Services should you or your child state they wish to harm themselves or someone else, or are being harmed.  

If YOU would like to report any abuse, you may call the national hotline: 1-800-25Abuse

Changing the World, One Child at a Time



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