Fur Cubs’ Mission is designed to encourage, educate and expose the world to special needs individuals in an attempt to decrease bullying among our children.  Our goal is to reach the masses through counseling, FunShops, presentations, public speaking and children’s books.  The primary focus is to help children and adults increase their levels of empathy, while educating them on individual differences.  Empathy within children will assist in preparing them to be effective, contributing leaders to society as adults.  We firmly believe the best way to change our world is to reach children at a young age in an effort to dispel any pre-conceived notions and stereotypes by the time they reach adulthood.

Fur Cubs: FunShops allow children to learn necessary character traits in relation to special needs individuals while playing!  We will equip these young minds with necessary education and tools to assist in accepting typically ostracized members of society by spreading love, patience and tolerance amongst their generation.  This approach is set up as a workshop, but our children will be having too much FUN! Don’t look now; they may meet the original Fur Cubs!

Fur Cubs: Book Series and book readings promote awareness, education and empathy in children at young ages so they may also pay forward the information learned.  The books and other tools will assist in preparing each child to increase their levels of courage in standing firm in their beliefs.  The Series will reach children all across the globe in hopes of sparking a world-wide understanding of special needs individuals, increased tolerance and unconditional love at levels our world has yet to experience.  The Fur Cubs book readings involve all three characters, including KissyFur who uses his augmentative communication device to speak his parts.  Let the Fur Cubs read to your group today!

Changing the World, One Child at a Time



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